Water is our most valuable natural resource.  And the discipline of water resources engineering is fundamental to managing water to meet critical human needs while simultaneously protecting, restoring, and sustaining the ecosystems in which we live.  Water resources engineering encompasses both water quantity and water quality and draws from many disciplines including hydrology, meteorology, environmental science and ecology, natural resource management, and conservation.  The water resources engineer of today is confronted with new questions and vital challenges: population growth and development, conservation and sustainable resource use, and climate change, among others.  The need for informed and highly trained water resources engineers who think holistically has become increasingly critical in today’s world – professionals who understand the interrelationships of our water resources – from water supply and drought preparedness to stormwater and flood risk management to wastewater treatment to water quality protection and ecosystem restoration.  

HydroCycle’s goal, on every project, is to provide exceptional value and service to our public, private, and non-profit clients by delivering high quality, innovative, ecologically-based solutions.  We view land and water resources management from an integrated watershed perspective which emphasizes the interconnectedness of the hydrologic cycle – from precipitation to infiltration, storage, groundwater recharge and stormwater runoff.  We approach every project by seeking to understand the natural hydrologic system and evaluating interrelationships.  We recognize that when stormwater is properly managed, it is a valuable resource for recharging groundwater and sustaining ecosystems and therefore we incorporate low impact natural solutions when feasible.  HydroCycle frequently works in teams with other professionals including environmental scientists, planners, GIS specialists, landscape architects, and permaculture designers to deliver innovative, multi-disciplinary solutions to complex environmental problems.