HydroCycle provides a full range of hydrologic and hydraulic analysis capabilities to evaluate water resources systems of various scales and levels of complexity.  We employ appropriate computer modeling applications for watershed, riverine, and stormwater systems.  Typical computer model applications include HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, SWMM, and HydroCAD as well as modeling integrated with ArcGIS.  An example project is described below:

Franks Pond Dam Breach Evaluation, Buncombe County, NC

The Franks Pond Dam is located on a tributary of Limestone Creek within the French Broad River in Buncombe County.  The dam was classified as having a high hazard potential because of a property located 1,400 feet downstream of the dam. HydroCycle Engineering performed a hydrologic analysis of the dam in order to evaluate the potential impacts of a dam breach on the property located downstream.  HydroCycle performed site investigations, GIS analysis, and developed a HEC-GeoHMS model of the Franks Pond Dam watershed to simulate the potential impacts of a dam breach under a range of design storms including the probable maximum precipitation (PMP) storm.  HydroCycle coordinated the analysis with the North Carolina DENR Land Quality Section and North Carolina Dam Safety Office.  Based on the results of the breach analysis of the dam, the North Carolina Dam Safety Office reclassified the dam from high hazard to exempt status.

Franks Pond Dam, Aerial View, Buncombe County, NC

Franks Pond Dam Watershed Model, Buncombe County, NC

Franks Pond Dam, HEC-GeoHMS Model Configuration